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Bill Murray Is Opening A Food Truck Park In South Carolina

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jun 16, 2018 01:17 AM EDT

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This summer, Comedian Bill Murray is launching his newest business venture called The Container Bar, a food truck park located in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Container Bar, initially called "Food-Truck-O-Rama", is a hub that will feature a variety of bar and food options from food trucks. It is one of the businesses co-owned by Murray and his business partners Brad Creger and Mike Veeck.

Business Ventures In Unlikely Spaces

Five years ago, Murray and his partners launched a restaurant named Rutledge Cab Co. in an abandoned gasoline station.

Following the restaurant's operations, Creger said that they purchased most of the lots surrounding the area as they were looking forward to venturing into more business together.

The food truck hub is located at 2130 Mt. Pleasant St., a formerly abandoned office building and parking lot which is also near the restaurant.

Reports say that the city laws of Charleston prohibit food trucks from parking along the streets. The laws only allow 17 public right-of-way spaces for food cart vendors which are up for bid every year. Most food trucks were said to be located in private parking spaces in the city which have limited walk-by traffic.

The businessmen conceptualized themes and redesigned the gutted office and parking lot, in collaboration with Dan Sweeney of Stumphouse, to boost the food truck business venture. The place follows an inviting ambiance where people can eat and relax.

"Its location, parking, a welcoming vibe and a wide variety of food choices will be a big part of the attraction but the overwhelming ingredient will be hospitality," Creger said.

The spacious grounds and built-in power hook-ups of the renovated parking lot can now cater more food trucks. The new interior of the building features new shipping containers attached to the building's front creating an indoor/outdoor bar where guests can eat and drink.

The aesthetics of the concrete patio feature palm trees and umbrellas perfect to shade the seating area. Having live music in and out of the hub is also planned.

Currently, they are in the process of reaching out to food truck businesses to have them informed about the new venue. After three years of its revamping, Creger said that the building is set to be finished in August.

Aside from the city, the 67-year old celebrity also owns a golf apparel company together with his brothers. His family also has restaurants in Florida and Illinois.

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