People who want to travel in luxury at a cheap price can finally tick something off their bucket list. United Airlines is launching its new upgrade this month.

The international premium economy is set to be on international flights. The airline has unveiled its first aircraft with new cabins that will soon be available for its customers. The new premium economy product is called Premium Plus.

Airline passengers who avail of the new seating will be between the business class and economy seats on cross-country flights. Unlike many airline companies which only add a little bit of legroom for its premium economy passengers, people who will fly with United Airlines will feel the difference.

Premium Plus Perks

Teaser products have been released on the internet which shows bigger seats, built-in leg rests, and even a generous recline.

The flight passengers on the new cabins will also experience an upgrade in services. Perks such as improved dinnerware, pillows, and blankets from Saks Fifth Avenue, amenity kits, and free alcoholic drinks are to be expected.

United is putting its new cabins in a Boeing 777-200. Upon its launch, it will be branded as economy plus, which will allow its customers to get the upgrade at a small cost.

Loyalty members of the airline's MileagePlus program will also be able to get a free upgrade on the premium economy cabins before it gets rebranded as Premium Plus and be turned into its own distinct category with different pricing. The same move was also undertaken by American.

Although United still has not released the routes it will be available in, chances are, it will be flights that come from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, considered as United's largest center. United is expecting the delivery of a new 777-300 ER by the end of the year.

Competitions With Similar Offers

United Airlines upgrade came late compared to its biggest competitors. American Airlines has launched a similar upgrade back in 2016, and Delta revealed its premium economy in 2017. Both carriers released the upgrade on international flights and are still integrating it into their fleets.

The sales of the premium economy seats are worth any airline's investment. This is why there is a strong motivation for airlines to go with the upgrade.

The target customers of United's Premium Plus are travelers who want to escape the small seats of the economy section but are not willing to spend for business class seats.