Hotel rooms come in all sizes. Due to the increasing cost of space, hotels have found an alternative to save spaces without sacrificing comfort.

Whether tourists are traveling on a tight budget, or want just to experience something intimate and one of a kind, these small hotel rooms will surely appease their taste and become their own tiny escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The Eh'häusl Hotel located in Amberg, Germany is undoubtedly the most popular tiny hotel room in Germany. The room, which measures 53 square meters, dates back to 1728 and holds a Guinness World Record for being the smallest hotel since 2008.

Back in the day, couples cannot get married if they did not own a property. The 2.5-meter wide building was originally meant to be bought by a couple to keep before their marriage, and sold to another one after they tied the knot.

The Pod Hotel

Anybody who has tried to book a spacious hotel room in New York City knows how high the cost is. This is why it's not a surprise for many tiny hotel rooms to pop up in the city.

The Pod Hotel caters to travelers who want to stay in the center of New York without breaking the bank. The hotel also has branches — one in Midtown and the other in Midtown East.

The pods contain an iPod dock, WiFi, twin bed, shared bathroom, flat screen tv, closet and a small workstation. For those who are not travelling alone, the hotel also has bigger options such as a bunk pod, queen pod, and a studio pod.

Green Plaza Shinjuku

Japan is not just popular for their tasty ramen and cherry blossom trees, but also for its capsule hotels. The Green Plaza Shinjuku Hotel offers sleep capsules for people who need a cheap place to stay. The capsule is equipped with a WiFi, power outlet, television, and bedding.

Although the capsule hotel probably does not serve as best accommodation for people with claustrophobia, its low rate of $20-40 USD per night is enough to make people want to try it.

Das Park Hotel

Guests visiting Germany's famous Das Park Hotel located in Ottensheim and Bottrop are in for a surprise. This hotel lets its customers stay in a repurposed drainage pipe which has an ample storage space, a double bed, power outlets, and linen.

Not only is the hotel one of a kind, it also operates on a "pay what you can" basis, making it more affordable for travelers.

Hong Kong Kaiteki Hotel

The Hong Kong Kaiteki Hotel took inspiration from the thriving capsule hotel scene in Japan and made it available in the energetic Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The hotel offers its guests earphones connection and earplugs to block out outside noise, a curtain to avoid light from seeping in the room, WiFi, climate control, and a television and USB for entertainment.

Shared shower and bathroom facilities are also available outside the 27 square feet capsules.