Located in the heart of Barranco, one of Peru's up and coming districts lies on of the best hotels in the country—Casa Republica. The beautiful mansion will surely make guests feel as if they're transported to the 1920s.

This magnificent boutique hotel was modeled after the grandiose days of the Republican era in Peru.

Last April, despite only being in its third year, the hotel was named as one of the Continental Winners of Prix Versailles, a prestigious award for commercial architecture by UNESCO alongside the likes of well-established brands such as Dior, Philippe Starck, and Chanel.

The charming hotel is part of the world of travel company Chimu Adventures founded by Australians Chad Carey and Greg Carter. The travel company is one of the biggest South American and Antarctica specialists. This is the company's second boutique hotel. The first one is the Wakapunku Hotel in Cusco.

Then and Now

"It was a Republican-era beach-side mansion—basically a holiday home for the Lima elite. It's an adobe construction which is pretty amazing for the high ceilings they have managed to achieve with this construction method," said the founders in an interview with Living in Peru.

"It wasn't in such bad nick when we took it on as it was a lawyer's office before. As such though it wasn't in a state to be useful as a hotel and we've had to redesign large parts of the interior to get bathrooms in for rooms, etc.," they added.

What used to be the beautiful mansion is now surrounded by the best galleries, restaurants, and bars that Lima offers. Perfect for people who want to block out the busy city. It is also conveniently located 40 minutes from Lima's Jorge Chavez international airport.

Although beside one of Peru's most famous hotels, Hotel B, Casa Republica still does not disappear away in the background. It is now considered as one of the hotels that are at the forefront of boutique hotels in the city.

"We were looking for a fresh Peruvian designer to give this opportunity to. We wanted someone with good knowledge of the Barranco vibe - its current art scene as well as its traditions. This was key to capturing the character of the hotel," said Carter in an interview with Traveller Australia.

Aside from the 22 rooms that it offers, Casa Republica also has a restaurant that highlights Peruvian dishes, a beautiful view of the vibrant Saenz Pena Beach, barely a brisk away, on its rooftop bar.

The hotel also has airport transfers, a 24-hour reception, and a laundry service.