The season of the beautiful cherry blossoms (sakura in Japanese) is anticipated by many Americans during spring break. And if you are in the United States, one perfect place to witness this short-lived blooms is in Washington, D.C. especially during the celebration of the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

However, not everyone's schedule fits through the day of this most-awaited celebration. But if you are among the unlucky ones, do not feel pity yourself because there are actually some places in the US that have an equally beautiful view of the magnificent cherry blossoms aside from D.C. Here are they.

University of Washington Quad, Seattle. The bunch of trees that line along the quads of the University of Washington has been some of the best stress relievers for the students and the professors of UW since 1962. This university is known to be one of the best spots to witness an impressive display of pink flowers that serves as a perfect source of calmness and tranquillity to the whole campus.

International Cherry Blossom Festival, Georgia. According to the Huffington Post, despite being home to some of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in the world, D.C. can never take the spotlight out from Macon, Georgia. The International Cherry Blossom Festival held in Georgia, which begins in the later part of the month of March,  showcases over 300,000 blooming trees annually including many varieties of Yoshino trees. There are also other events such as the tours of the cherry trees and tea garden parties.

Golden Gate Park Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco. The Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is one great representation of the Japanese culture in the United States. Cherry trees in this park are lesser compared to D.C., however, what makes it a nice place to visit is its beautiful tea house that lets the guests sip a cup of delicious tea while tempting their eyes in the amazing view of the cherry blossoms inside the historic Golden Gate Park.

Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival, Philadelphia. In 1926, the Japanese government has sent cherry trees to the Greater Philadelphia and were raised in the Fairmont Park. Years later, these hundreds of cherry trees have bloomed beautifully and are now the stars in the locale's Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival. This festival is celebrated from April 1 to 9 where people can take a tour to the iconic Japanese house and garden in Fairmont, Japanese food and drink celebration and even karaoke challenges.

Traverse City, Michigan. Michigan is considered to have one of the most impressive displays of cherry blossoms in all of the United States. With over 2.6 million cherry trees scattered along the highways, Traverse City never fails to put up an amazing spring show during the spring season, Afar says. As a matter of fact, 75 percent of the world's tart cherries that are often used for pastries, jams and pies were from this side of Michigan.