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Rentable Nap Pods With Wi-Fi And Netflix Are Coming Soon To Airports In Europe

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jun 14, 2018 07:56 AM EDT

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Tired and sleepy passengers finally have something to look forward to — the Airpod, a capsule designed for sleeping, and even watching Netflix.

Imagine lounging in a secluded beach somewhere in Bali with a beer in hand. Wouldn't that be awesome? However, before you reach this tropical paradise, you have to be at the airport, dealing with long queues and delayed flights.

This is something you'd think travelers are already used to by now, but airports all over the world are finding new gimmicks to entertain travelers and not far from now, the annoyance caused by inconveniences such as the long waiting time and uncomfortable seats at the airport will be coming to an end in Europe.

"Designed more than just a sleeping pod providing deserved rest, it also offers comfort and entertainment to the tired traveler looking to relax and unwind for a few hours," Airpod writes in its website.

Developed by two Slovenian businessmen, the superbly sleek pods look like drag racing cars which contains a plush and comfortable chair that people can easily turn into a bed if they want to nap.

Passengers who rent the pod can also charge their devices, use its fast Wi-Fi connection, and even watch Netflix on the TV screen.

Additionally, travelers renting the pod can just set an alarm for when it's time to board their flight.

The Airpods are still undergoing tests but will be a part of commercial trial at airports around Europe later this year.

"The AirPod capsules will have integrated scent machines to eliminate unpleasant odours. [There will be a] self-disinfection LED system and will be manually checked by staff. LED produces a high-quality white light that also provides continuous disinfection through precisely engineered wavelengths of visible light. Laboratory and controlled room experiments show up to a 90% bacteria reduction in a treated environment for one day," assured its creators in an interview with Lonely Planet.

The Airpod will be available to rent by the hour at €15, or around $18. Although a pod can only accommodate one person, the company is hoping to develop a two-person unit someday.

Since the pod is mobile, it can also be featured in other places such as terminals and malls.

The concept of pods designed for comfort and alone time is not new to airports. New York City's Laguardia airport already has the Jabbrrbox. Helsinki Airport has Nap pods, Moscow Airport has SleepBox pods, and Abu Dhabi airport has GoSleep chairs.

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