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You Can Buy This Ghost Town In California For $925,000

Travelers Today       By    MJ De Castro

Updated: Jun 16, 2018 10:55 AM EDT

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Looking for a land property that will set you apart from others? Look no further, a 19th-century ghost town situated in California has been put on the market.

Cerro Gordo, which means "fat hill," comes with a church, a bunkhouse, and even an abandoned hotel. This 300-acre mining town had been owned by the same family for years and is now in the hands of Jake Rasmuson, its real estate agent.

Cerro Gordo came into existence as a small mining town after the discovery of silver in 1865. And at one point, it became the largest producer of silver and lead in California where mule teams would transport silver from Cerro Gordo to Los Angeles, about 275 miles away.

Additionally, it played a vital role in the growth and economic development of Los Angeles.

Although costing almost a million dollars, many people have expressed their interest in buying the property. Many ideas consider it to be turned into a marijuana town or a theme park.

What's In The Ghost Town

"The townsite has 24,000 square feet of buildings remaining. including the incredibly historic hotel, the Belshaw bunkhouse, hoist house, superintendents house - nearly 22 buildings in all. The property expands over 300 acres of patented mining claims," said on its website.

In the site, people can find 22 buildings which have mostly been restored by the owning family. It is also available for tours. However, guests have to drive through around eight miles of dirt road.

"It's really part of the Wild West," added the agent.

Cerro Gordo History

"I would say given the owner's history with the town and love for the town, it's not only the price that's important, but the future use. Quite a few individuals want to buy it to preserve the history," said Rasmuson.

He also stated that during its boom, there was murder almost every week on the island.

"An early group was attacked by Indians and three of the five prospectors were killed. Two were held captive and when they were released, were required to promise never to return," adding to its morbid history.

After the price of silver and lead fell, coupled by a fire on the island, its silver operations came to a halt.

Only four hours away from Vegas and L.A., the real-life Westworld can be found in the Owens Valley, east of Sierra Mountain and just across Owens Lake, so people can marvel at its incredible view while letting their Western dream come to life.

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