Exchange the wine glass for a beer mug as wine country Napa Valley launches the beer train offering locally crafted brews and postcard perfect views.

The Napa Palisades Beer Company follows the tradition of the Napa Wine Valley Train and the success of the Tequila Train during Cinco de Mayo this year. This new venture hopes to attract a different segment of tourists — the beer enthusiasts.

For $75, tourists will enjoy locally crafted brews by the Napa Palisades Beer Company and the scenic view of Napa Valley vineyards aboard an open train for two hours. Residents of Napa are more fortunate than the visitors because they get a special rate of $50.

Napa Local Brews

Every Monday starting June 18, tourists and beer-lovers will get to choose which of the Napa Palisades Beer Company's selection of brews to gulp down while admiring acres and acres of grape plantations. The company's signature brews include the 1849 Gold Rush Red, the Little Loco Session IPA, formerly known as 24/7 IPA, and the new brew called Loco IPA. The train's chef will also prepare a special bites menu to go with the brew.

With this attractive offer, beer enthusiasts don't need to wait for Oktoberfest to enjoy the company's remarkable brews.

The 1849 Gold Rush Red is made with Chinook Hops, a hop used in ales which gives the brew its aroma and bitterness. It is described as American in style with "a smooth mouthfeel that is slightly dry with a touch of caramel, smoke, and honey." The Little Loco Session IPA is a much lighter brew that is "crisp and slightly bitter with citrus flavor and a hint of pine on the finish." The Loco IPA "a big citrus-filled tropical IPA with a rich mouthfeel that finishes with a touch of bitterness."

Travelers need to check in at 5:15 p.m. and must be on board at 5:30 p.m. The tour starts at 5:45 p.m. and the train will be back at the station by 7:45 p.m.

Scenic Views

Napa Valley in Napa Country has always been a must-visit destination, mainly for its winemaking and wine tasting tourist attractions. Hundreds of hillside vineyards in the north of San Francisco, California, offers an escape for visitors who want to have a different experience away from the city. Aside from wine, this famous tourist destination is also known for its high-end restaurants that whip up exquisite cuisines for the sophisticated palate of its guests.

Napa Valley targets all tourists who love enjoying alcoholic beverages with the Napa Wine Train and now the Hop or Beer Train. What else will they come up with for a different market of visitors?