When it comes to beer, the US leads in turning on the tap, except for, well maybe, Germany. States across the country always vie for the best beer city, and the variety of craft beer you can find is enough to make you walk zig-zag lines.

If you're up for a unique adventure, why not fill your car with your beer-loving friends and go on an epic road trip visiting some of the best beer cities in the US? Here are some of them:

San Diego, California. San Diego locals sure love their beer, as evident in their annual San Diego Beer Week promoting their locally crafted beer, according to Insider. This year, the event won't be until November, but some of the event's participants will surely look forward to include a rare beer breakfast, a beer trolley tour, and ton other brewery sponsored events.

Seattle, Washington. Thrillist says Seattle currently operates 83 breweries, part of the 300 found in the whole Washington state. In here, you can taste the country's best as well as local favorites you couldn't find anywhere else. Seattle brewers like Black Raven, Fremont, and Two Beers are some of the most talked about, and partly it's because the hops used to make these beers are just a short trip to the Cascade Mountains.

Raleigh, North Carolina. This city offers a lot to beer-thirsty tourists, and their beer scene is one of the best in the country. There are blocks around the city that are dedicated to beer, and visitors can set foot in five bottle shops, five breweries, and five great beer bars. You can also find North Carolina's first woman-owned brewery in Raleigh, the Bombshell Beer Company.

Portland, Maine. One of the biggest names in the craft beer industry can be found in Portland. Allagash and Maine Beer Company are one of the hottest names in the book, and even Belgian themselves seem to like the Belgian-style beer in Allagash! Some other small breweries are also slowly taking over the Portland beer scene, and every pouring glass is a welcome treat.