Giving the best gift for someone who travels a lot or even for yourself is oftentimes a difficult decision to make. A friend or family member who travels for work or for leisure will appreciate a gift that can be carried around every time. Here are five of the most practical gifts that you can give that will surely bring a smile of gratefulness:

Cambiami Interchangeable T-Strap Sandals. This gift suggestion came from the manufacturer of the sandals, Diane Licht. She came up with the idea of producing sandals that comes with interchangeable straps. According to Travel & Leisure, instead of bringing different footwear of your various dresses, a set of Cambiani sandals with interchangeable straps will do. This is not only practical but also allows your recipient to carry a much lighter suitcase. The straps are made up of different colors and designs.This brand can be purchased for $78 from Amazon.

Radden Luggage. For your traveler friend who stylish but practical, the Radden luggage is a 22-inch modern carry-on luggage as it's lightweight, durable and comes with two built-in charging USB ports. Your friend will no longer look for a place to charge because it is right at his luggage. It costs $295 at

Huzi Design Infinity Pillow. This super comfy travel pillow are for those who are always in transit. It can be molded in any shape that is comfortable for the user. This travel pillow can also be spread out and shared with your seat mate or can be used by parents with babies. Amazon sells it for $39.

Handcrafted Passport Wallet. Make the journey of your traveler friend extra special by giving a new custom home for their passports. From leather, waterproof material and weaved fabric, there's an array of customized passport holders online to suit every personality -- all you neer to do is search. 

Kammok Camping Hammock. Thoughtfulness is fused in this camping hammock that can be carried anywhere, according to My Statesman. It's super-lightweight and durable -- a travel gift that any traveler can appreciate as it provides a sleeping space in crowded cottages. This outdoor gear that will also assures relaxation anywhere. Kammok is a Texan company that donates funds for malaria treatments to sick children in Africa. Amazon sells it for $99.

Any one of these gift items will surely be appreciated by your trendsetting friends. Because they are available online, you can work out that they be delivered to your recipient's home address.