Richard Branson, the genius behind Virgin America, is planning to launch a new U.S. airline following a dispute with Alaska Air Group, Inc. The Alaskan company purchased Virgin America for $2.6 billion in December and Branson wants royalty payments until 2040. However, Alaska Air wants to drop the brand in 2019.

Branson informed that he is planning to venture to a new airline company in the U.S., according to Travel & Leisure. The air travel industry has a shortage of flights, overbooking and labor disputes that a new airline company is very welcome on the scene. Coming from Branson, the new fleet will surely deliver satisfactory services.

After Alaskan Air Group announced its departure from the Virgin American brand, Richard Branson announced that Virgin Atlantic will be taking the London to Seattle route next week and the Virgin Australia will fly from Melbourne to Hong Kong one week after the Atlantic fly off.

Bloomberg reported that Samuel Engel, an aviation consultant with ICF, informed that there is always a slot for another airline fleet in the U.S. "It is a competitive and dynamic market, and the consolidation that has taken place in the last 10 years that has run parallel with capacity constraint only increases that opportunity," he added.

Alaska Air Group reiterated its intention to drop the purple lighting of the Virgin American and change it to their own color blue. Branson has expressed his gratefulness to the employees and guests that patronized his company, reiterating his company's mission to provide satisfaction. He thanked his employees that he called "teammates" and encouraged them to be excellent wherever they are serving.

Richard Branson's brand has been a consistent travel awards recipient. The entrepreneur is also into space travel with the establishment of Virgin Galactic that will eventually take commercial flights to space.