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ExpressJet Pilot Played Surgeon By Removing Testicles Of A Transgender, Gets Sued

Travelers Today       By    Florette A.

Updated: May 22, 2017 10:06 AM EDT

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A 57-year-old O'Hare-based pilot is currently detained without bond for felony assault charges after illegally performing a surgery on a transgender woman. The surgery involved the removal of testicles witnessed by the wife with the use of an Army surgery kit.

James Pennington from Denver was arrested after the failure of the operation that caused blood to come out of the sutured wound during change of dressing three hours after the surgery. Pennington told the couple to call 911 in case of complications.

The pilot admitted to have done the procedure per request of the patient herself according to Daily Mail. It was done at the apartment of the couple that lasted for 90 minutes. The procedure involved a disconnection and removal of the victim's testicles and then suturing of the opening back using a scalpel.

Travel Pulse reported that the pilot has been with ExpressJet Airlines that flies under the banner of United Airlines for 12 years. The airline company placed him on an administrative leave after the incident.

The patient was brought to the Medical Center of Aurora but the doctors were unable to re-attach the testicles because of the length of time that transpired between the surgery and the 911 call. The victim was told by the doctors that the surgery might cause a permanent disfigurement.

The Army surgery kit contained a scalpel, medical dressings, lidocaine, and other medical equipment designed for emergency situations. It was not known if the said pilot has a medical training and why the transgender woman opted to be operated by him and not in a hospital.

The procedure was illegal and the result has endangered the patient. Hence, Pennington was arrested and booked for felony assault. Booking documents did not indicate if the suspect has hired a legal counsel to help him or allowed to post a bail bond.

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