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What Was Going To Be A Romantic Getaway Turned Out To Be A Night In Prison

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Updated: May 19, 2017 03:12 PM EDT

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A young Australian woman was detained in prison for a night when she was interrogated and eventually led to detention because her diary revealed questionable entries. Molly Hill prepared for her travel with excitement as she was supposed to spend an extended time with her American boyfriend.

Hill was expecting a perfect travel because she had a tourist visa for 88 to 90 days and her return flight to Australia was already booked and paid. However, when she landed at Honolulu, her nightmare began.

She was interrogated and searched even undergoing the kind of search for those carrying contrabands and criminals as per News. Then in handcuffs, she was led to a detention cell where she has to spend the night. She was provided a size S bra and a size L prison uniform. A blanket a sandwich was handed to her after the scary happenings.

Daily Mail reported that she was forced to strip naked, squat, and cough during the interrogation. She was also asked to enumerate her tattoos to prove that she has no link to any gang.

In the morning of her birthday, she was awoken with a flashlight and the officer yelled, "Hill, you're going to be released today!" Still in handcuffs, she was escorted to the airport, has to pay $620 for her 11-hour flight back home.

The airport authorities suspected her of illegally migrating and marrying her boyfriend because of the entries on her diary "going away drinks" and "last day at work."

A statement was issued stating the justification of the police on their actions towards Molly Hill. It says, "U.S. Customs and Border Protection acted with respect, integrity, professionalism and according to current federal law when Molly Joan Hill, an Australian citizen presented herself for CBP inspection at Honolulu International Airport May 15."

Her boyfriend was left wondering at the baggage claim area for the whole day. Molly Hill has no way of contacting him. Her ordeal was documented and shared on Facebook.

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