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Virgin Australia photo

Virgin Australia Plane Had A Suprising Evacuation Over A Note

Reports said that passengers of Virgin Australia suddenly jumped out of the plane when a note was found on a toilet about one of the passengers.


Richard Branson Reveals His Customer Service Secrets

Virgin America Owner Richard Branson To Launch New U.S. Airline

Richard Branson will soon launch a new airline fleet in the U.S. following Alaska Air Group spat.


LA 2016 Berlin Air Show

Emirates Pulls An April Fools Prank Of Inflight Swimming Pool And Gym Plans

Emirates unveiled their ambitious plans for building the world's largest commercial carrier, complete with in-flight amenities such as a swimming pool and gym.


Airbus Lands New A380 Plane At JFK Airport

Best Airline Cabins For First, Business, And Economy Class For 2017; Find Out Here

The leading airlines for first business and economy class for 2017 are revealed.


Qantas Flights Return To Skies

The Best Airlines For 2017 Revealed

With the hundreds of airlines sharing the skies, find out which among them stands out from the rest when it comes to providing the best for their passengers.


Caution: Serving Hot Coffee On Board

Virgin Australia Airline Faces Complaint By Teenager; Shockingly Describes Incident As 'Most Excruciating Pain He Ever Felt’

It was excruciating and probably the worst pain I have ever felt... I ran to the toilet and Dad immediately started putting cold water on the burn,” Rhett Butler narrated.


Sydney's International Airport

Prank Call Causes Australian Aircraft To Abort Landing

Australian officials are currently investigating fifteen separate hoax calls made to the aircraft pilots in Melbourne and Avalon. The occurrences of these calls resulted in the aborted landing of at least one passenger aircraft.


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