An airline tends to stand out from the rest of the other carriers by offering much more than a good ticket value, good seats, and delicious food. Find out which among the hundreds of carriers stood out and named as the best airlines for 2017. 

Airline of the Year goes to Air New Zealand. Air Ratings named this airline carrier as the best airline for 2017. Now, not only does New Zealand have "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" under its belt; it also holds the honor of having the best airline of the year. In fact, this is their fourth consecutive year for its record-breaking performance as an industry trendsetter when it comes to in-flight innovations, profit, operational safety, staff motivation and also environmental leadership. The carrier also won the Best Premium Economy Class.

Best First Class is awarded to Etihad Airways, its their third consecutive year to hold the title. According to Etihad, their commitment to excellence appears to know no bounds. they offer stunning options to set the bar on luxury travel even higher. It is quite notable that they also hold Best Long Haul Airline title for the Middle East and Africa travels. 

Best Business Class this year goes to Virgin Australia. The selling point for this airlines is its triple-layer seat cushion with a hammock subframe. It provides not only a comfortable seating feature but also great for sleeping as well. With all its features, it is more like a first class instead of a business class. Travelers will get enough space for gadgets. You can even have a space for your laptop while you're enjoying your dinner. They also hold the title for 2017's Best Cabin Crew. And alongside Etihad, Virgin Australia also holds the title for Best Long Haul Airline for European travels. 

Australian airline Qantas really does have their guests' comfort at heart. They hold titles of Best Lounges, Best Catering, and Best Domestic Service categories. Years ago and before it became and "it-thing", Qantas are among the few to first install a shower in their lounges. They also provide full meal service on all flights in its network. 

The Best Economy title goes to Singapore Airlines. This airline has been an innovator when it comes to economy class comfort and features. This is among the few first airlines to offer in-flight video entertainment and free headsets and drinks to their economy class passengers. And, this innovation did not stop there, they made sure that consumers are well-rested and well-entertained during the entire flight. 

Best Low-Cost Airline goes to Virgin America for American region, Norwegian for European sector, for Africa and Middle-East and Scoot for Asia and Pacific. These four airlines are among the best airlines to offer the best value for your ticket fares.