Emirates unveiled its mind-blowing plans of placing a swimming pool, gym and other recreational amenities aboard a triple-decker aircraft. The announcement, unfortunately, was made on April Fool's Day.

The world's fourth largest airline messed with people's fantasies when it pulled an April Fools prank this year. Emirates tweeted Saturday that it planned to launch the world's largest commercial aircraft, a triple-decker aptly named APR001, and that it would include impressive in-flight amenities such as a swimming pool, games room, gym and park. That's already a huge leap in flying experience considering airlines are just developing their own take on an in-flight beer to serve passengers.

Emirates' April Fools prank got the best of more than six thousand people who re-tweeted the ambitious announcement. The Dubai-based carrier also had time on its side since the Middle East changes calendar before the Western world does. It listed as among the best April Fools jokes this year, according to BBC.

Another airline that made it to the list was Virgin Australia, which announced the world's first canine in-flight crew members. Australia's second largest airline even released a video that runs slightly more than a minute. The canine crew supposedly trained for months, will give platinum and gold passengers a personalized handshake as they aboard the plane, help passengers pass the time, remind them to stretch their legs as they remain seated and even wait on their behalf to the lavatory.

Canadian airline WestJet also pulled an April Fools prank, even trolling its rival airline Canada Air, according to Huffington Post. WestJet released a video the morning before April Fools and captured the company's Vice President Richard Bartrem preparing to announce their plan of rebranding. Bartrem said in the video that the airline wants to be "the most Canadian Canadian airline" just before they unveiled their "Canada Air" planes, keeping the same WestJet logo of blue and green and the iconic maple leaf.