An Aeromexico Boeing 737 jet landed at the LAX airport after a flight from Mexico, and while manoeuvring on the taxiway, it collided with a service truck. The truck overturned and resulted to eight of its passengers getting hurt.

It happened at around 2:30 p.m. on Saturday when the right wing of the aircraft clipped the truck, according to ABC7. The 149 passengers and crew of the plane were not hurt. Authorities informed that no life-threatening injuries were suffered except for one person who was critically injured. One of the employees got stuck in the truck that fire fighters have to be called to pull him out.

Travel Pulse reported that the passengers aboard the aircraft heard a loud thud but were not informed what happened. The aircraft had a minor damage to its right wing and the incident is still being investigated by LAX officials.

LAX airport is one of the busiest and the biggest airports in the world. It is also one where dignitaries and high-profile celebrities fly from and land because California's tourism is one of the best in the world.

The airport now boasts of a Private Lounge where famous and affluent passengers stay while waiting for their flights. They can enjoy first-class amenities including a spa. It enables the passengers to go to the boarding area in just a few steps.

The lounge includes a bathroom, wall-mounted nut, jelly bean, and chocolate-covered almonds dispensers and bags of roasted seaweed and tortilla chips. Curated rooms for its Muslim passengers complete with prayer mats and medjule dates, play yard for parents of young children, and changing table and bottle warmer for parents of babies. A lot of free stuff like shirts, blouses, dresses, headphones, socks, ties, belts, chff links, raincoats and a lot more. For these perks to be enjoyed, one has to pay a yearly membership fee of $7,500.