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Adolf Hitler’s Secret Underground Nazi World Undergoes Restoration For Tourism

Travelers Today       By    Florette A.

Updated: May 19, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

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What used to be a fishing village has become a Nazi City that was built under The Hague and was home to 3,300 SS soldiers. Decades after the Nazi occupation, military enthusiasts and archaeologists are doing restoration work to make Adolf Hitler's underground Nazi City a tourist attraction. 

The secret Nazi underground bunkers were revealed through a natural occurrence after shifting sands slowly exposed the hidden military sanctuary. In fact, 500 intact bunkers were already discovered by the Scheveningen Atlantic Wall Foundation, as reported by News. A total of 900 military buildings were constructed both on the surface and underground out of 100,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete.

They were constructed by Dutch slave laborers and German army engineers from Norway to the Bay of Biscay in France as part of the Atlantic Wall. Hitler constructed the tunnels to stop Allied forces from invading his "Fortress Europe."

Aside from bunkers and tunnels, living quarters, stores and spa facilities formed part of the massive underground Nazi world. It was built in 1942 and ejected the 135,000 inhabitants of the Scheveningen to make way for the complex. At present, the village is a jolly place for tourists being a seaside resort

Independent reported that in one of the underground tunnels, a persion even discovered nuclear bombs presumed to be owned by Adolf Hitler's troop. However, further research due to possible explosion.

Adolf Hitler's Atlantic Wall is now being restored to become a tourist attraction. A part of the complex has already been restored and was recently opened as a museum.

The Nazi complex is also a reminder of the labors of the Dutch slaves. Thousands of the slaves worked in the construction of Hitler's Atlantic Wall. 

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