Mark Geragos has worked with several A-list celebrities on their legal battles against other celebrities before. High-profile cases he has handled were with Michael Jackson, singer Kesha, Winona Ryder, and politician Gary Condit. This time, he has electronically filed suit on behalf of Daniel Jung at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. His client is seeking $5 million in damages against Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, organizers of the failed Fyre Festival.

Variety reported that Geragos filed suit for breach of contract, fraud, breach of the covenant of good faith and negligent misrepresentation. He is currently seeking complainants to join the class action suit.

Jung claimed that he has spent $2,000 for the festival ticket and plane fare. However, he was forced to survive a day under the heat of the sun inside a tent eating only rationed sandwiches. 6,000 people were expected to arrive on the island last weekend. The Exuma island was filled with expectant partygoers only to find out that the promised event was canceled at the last minute.

Ticket prices ranged from $1,000 to $125,000 promoted with luxury accommodations on Fyre Cay in Exuma Island. Celebrity performers were listed to perform like Blink-182, Disclosure, Major Lazer, and Migos. But guests were devastated to see a place resembling a quarry with temporary tents and no staff.

Thousands of ticket holders experienced trauma after realizing that they were stranded on the island with not enough necessities and money. The event was promoted to be cashless, in effect; they have no ready cash even to pay for taxis.

The canceled event has reportedly affected the tourism industry of the Bahamas. It has incurred millions of losses with the festival cancellation. The Commonwealth of Bahamas may file a case too as its tourism officials are devastated and very disappointed. The government ordered the site "locked down."

Despite the organizer's justification of the failure saying that they did not expect the huge turnout of interested attendees that they were overwhelmed of the possibility of housing and managing the thousands that want to come.

According to McFarland, they have to literally build a city as the island cannot accommodate all the people on the site. Time and the enormous task at hand caused the failure. The organizers also failed to take care of the needs of the thousands that came that they have to experience staying inside the crowded airport facilities with no food.

Mark Geragos might reportedly go after Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, and Emily Ratajkowski who have helped in disseminating information about the dream festival. Social media has the power to run information shortly and reach millions in a brief span of time.

Twitter and Instagram posts will be used as prima facie evidence for the lawsuit against the organizers. According to Venture Beat, frustrated attendees that were stranded on the island documented their experiences and shared them on social media.

Seth Crossno whose Twitter account under the pen name William N. Finley IV will be used in the class action lawsuit. He documented his ordeal while on the island and his posts became evidence of publications to report about the failed Fyre Festival. He also posted the statement made by the organizers and the announcement on the ticket refund process.