The Fyre Festival was thought to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure by the thousands that bought tickets and booked for accommodations at the much-publicized music event. But it ended up as a nightmare. Still many are fortunate enough to have from social media that the promised event was canceled. They were not able to come to the actual place and experience the trauma of arriving at an island totally different from what was advertised.

The promotional video with Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin showed a pristine, sugary white sand beach, sumptuous food, private plane travel, and luxurious villas for accommodation. Famous musicians were to perform and A-list celebrities will be present to join the festival.

However, according to Fox News, the organizers canceled the event at the last minute before partygoers arrived at the island. The reason for the cancellation was disorganization, lack of accommodations, and poor planning. The supposed performers back-out days prior to the event because they have not received payments.

The Fyre Festival which was promoted on social media was also "killed" on social media. It started with one dismayed ticket holder arrived at the Bahamian island of Exuma and tweeted everything he saw and experienced on the island. Billboard reported that the blogger who used the name William N. Finley IV on social media shared photos taken from the site and after which his photos were shared countless times.

The images saved the ticket holders the trauma of going to the place and experience the devastation of what was promised as a sun-soaked filled with yachts, models, and gourmet foods. White tents were set up depicting a refugee camp, no staff to answer questions, the food was far from satisfying.

Stranded passengers suffered from no food and have to queue for so long just to get a flight back home. It was not a private island but part of a bigger island with unfinished structures. Finley whose real name is Seth Crossno's Periscope video was viewed 175,000. What was seen on the island of Exuma were plenty of cars and trucks and lines of confused people inquiring about their accommodations.

They were told to just grab the temporary white tents set up in the grounds. No luxurious villa was found which were paid for. It was a place of a quarry with sands, grass, and mud everywhere.

After grabbing several tents that were already taken by others he headed back to the airport to find rest and comfort in his own home. Crossno was happy to have shared on his Twitter and Instagram accounts photos from the Fyre Festival site. He was able to save many people from pains of going to the island and be shocked to find out that their dream getaway was nothing but an empty promise.