A travel, may it be local or international, can never be a fulfilling experience without digging into the gastronomic delights of the place you are going to. Foods are actually one of the reasons that make traveling an exciting thing to do. Here is a short list of the best destinations that every foodie must visit this 2017.

Tokyo, Japan. Japanese cuisine is one of the most widely celebrated international cuisines all over the world. And one place to discover the authentic Japanese delights is no less than in the city of Tokyo. According to the Telegraph, Tokyo is surrounded by local and regional izakayas to five-star restaurants serving delicious Japanese specialties. You can also find some of the freshest seafood, soba, tsukudani, sushi, sashimi and budget-friendly food stalls in Tokyo.

Santiago, Chile. The cuisine in the capital of Chile is a fusion of the flavors of the Spanish influence and the town's local and native taste and ingredients. You can see markets, restaurants and bars in almost every corner of Santiago that serve authentic Chilean meals combined with the classic Chilean wines. You can go to the Mercado Central if you want to have a taste of the fresh seafood. You can also go to Café del Museo for a sumptuous smoked turkey and a unique basil cream sandwich. There is also the large indoor market called the "La Vega" where meats and spices are sold.

Dakar, Senegal. Dakar is the capital and the biggest city in Senegal. Its cuisine is a flare of the Lebanese, West African and French flavors. Dakar is popular among food lovers because of an array of street food stalls across the district where you can taste some of the dishes that you can only find in Senegal. The fritters made of black-eyed peas called the accara, and the spicy roasted mutton called dibi are some of the must-tries in Dakar.

Chicago, Illinois. Deep-dish pizzas, mouth-watering steaks and hot dogs - these are what Chicago is known for. Chicago's deep crust is overloaded with tons of toppings and is baked to perfection. A traveler who goes to Chicago for the first time should never miss a bite of this classic. You can also find prime steakhouses in this city. However, according to the U.S. News, if you cannot afford the not-so-cheap steaks and pizzas in Chicago, you can also try the restaurants in the lesser-travelled neighborhoods in the city such as the Greektown and the Streeterville. Here you can find cheap restaurants serving Italian cuisines, tacos, Pakistani and Indian classic.

Seoul, Korea. Food, (particularly, street food) is of great importance in South Korea, most especially in the city of Seoul. You can actually see the streets which are bombarded with stalls and restaurants serving tasty and classic Korean dishes such as the famous tteokbokki or rice cakes that are bathed in special sauce. You can also find stalls selling different versions of Korean Sundae or blood sausage that is stuffed with noodles. There is also the bibimbop and the potato and pork soup called the gamjatang. Whether you are in the mood for savory dishes or even ice cream and smoothies, the streets of Seoul has it all for you.