There's no better way to enjoy the summer than to go to a nice warm place with pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife and numerous outdoor activities. But if travel expenses are the things that keep you from going, worry no more because you can get the best deals with these travel hacks. Here are some holiday destinations that would cut on your travel expenses if you book early.

According to Travel Supermarket, travelers from all over the world can definitely save a lot of money during the summer if they book their accommodations and flights at certain times of the year. It would vary on the destinations that you're going to but holidaymakers have saved up to 35% for booking three months in advance in Budapest.

Barcelona and Istanbul also offer good deals if you book early as five months before your date of departure, slashing about 30% of your travel expenses. If you fancy visiting the hot deserts of Dubai and go on camel riding, make sure you have your bookings six months early so you can save up to 24%.

If you like traveling to the Asian continent, secure your bookings three months in advance so you can cut down 14% on your expenses even on peak times. It's one of the best deals that you'll ever get because there's just so many places to see and things to do in Asia.

There are also other cheap places to visit if you book in advance. For example, if you book your hotels and flights seven months early going to Prague, you can save up to about 24%. If you prefer Paris, you'll get 23% off on your expenses if you book within two months. Mirror also suggested that if you have all your flights and hotels booked within four months, you can save 18% on expenses.

Traveling isn't that expensive if you just know how to find the best Travelodge Latest Hotels Deal online. Now that you know these tips, how about booking that trip now so you can save a lot of money.