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Travel Hacks: Getting The Best Travel Deals On Your Eastern Europe Trip

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Apr 05, 2017 06:42 AM EDT

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Money shouldn't be a hindrance for everyone to travel. There are lots of good deals out there that you probably didn't know about. Well, if you're planning on a vacation, here are a few travel hacks on getting the best Eastern Europe travel deals.

Poland's Natural Attractions. Krakow is considered as one of the hottest tourist spots in the world and it's not a surprise because aside from its gorgeous attractions, the prices at the Polish city come in cheap. Beer would cost at about $2 and a meal for two costs about $37. But what's really interesting are the natural attractions where travelers can get to the stunning Masurian Lakes through flights that would only cost $124.

Island Living In Estonia. The Estonian countryside is full of pristine beaches located in more than 1,500 islands. According to The Guardian, plane tickets going to Tallin would cost around $87, and from there, tickets would even go lower as you fly to the different islands. From Tallin to Saaremaa, coach tickets would cost around $15. Travelers can witness historical sites, breathtaking landscapes and clear bodies of water.

Peaceful Places In Croatia. More and more budget flights are opening up its doors to Croatia which is why the country has had a boom in its tourism industry lately. Not to mention, food, accommodations, and local transportation are also cheaper in the country. In Dubrovnik, you'd only pay $62 for a three-course meal, $2 for a beer and an average of $65 for an overnight stay.

Hit The Road In Czech Republic. Prague is a tourist hub but still, prices are cheap in the Czech capital. According to Czech Tourism, if you go even farther to the countryside, you'll find cheaper places to visit and more stunning attractions. You can avail a self-guided cycle tour that only costs about $1000 for six nights where you can witness lush green forests, picturesque mountain views and beautiful rivers.

Historical Places In Montenegro. If you're after culture and history, check out Montenegro where you'll find century-old forests, towering mountains and of course, cheap flights. Ticket prices would range from $100-$185 for local transfers. In Kotor Town where historic attractions are in every corner, hotel accommodations would range from $100-$120.

Now, what are you waiting for? Check out these deals and enjoy Europe without breaking the bank. It will definitely be a trip of a lifetime.

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