A staff from the British Airways airlines has been getting criticism from a lot of people lately after denying an elderly woman to use the toilet during a flight. The flight coming from Los Angeles was bound for London and for 13 hours, the 87-year-old woman was left soaking in wet clothes.

Upon boarding the plane, passenger Kocharik Tsamouzian felt that she really needed to go the bathroom but was told by a cabin crew that she wasn't allowed to do so. The Telegraph reported that a cabin crew member even appeared to have blocked Tsamouzian's path when she approached the toilet.

The flight ended up getting delayed and despite asking multiple times to use the bathroom, she was denied of her request again and again. For 90 minutes, the plane was on the runway waiting for its turn to take off, which resulted in Mrs. Tsamouzian getting herself wet in her clothes.

For the next 13 hours of the flight that was bound for London, she was in her wet clothes uncomfortable and in tears since she didn't have extra clothes to change with. According to the Daily Mail, she was offered £40 (about $50) as compensation by the airline company.

But Mrs. Tsamouzian's daughter, Aida Behroozi, thought that the offer wasn't enough for the inconvenience that it caused her mother and expressed that it was an insult. "My mother was saying, I'm an old lady you have to let me go," Behroozi said, "but the air hostess stood in front of her seat blocking her from getting up."

Now, Mrs. Tsamouzian expressed that she doesn't want to fly with British Airways again. The airline company is well aware of the whole incident and has been in contact with her to express its apologies for the bad experience.

According to The Telegraph, Mrs. Tsamouzian was not allowed to use the loo for health and safety reasons. The plane has started moving, and following the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority, passengers should all be seated.