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2017 Holiday Destinations: Places That You Need To Visit This May

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Apr 05, 2017 06:44 AM EDT

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May is slowly becoming a peak month for holidaymakers since it's the best time of the year where you can get some nice warm sun on your skin. Well, if you're planning to go on a summer vacation, here are your May 2017 holiday destinations that you need to visit.

Marrakech, Morocco. During the month of May, it's the time where the whole city gets warmer and warmer but remains bearable. With that being said, it's no wonder why the ancient city of Marrakech gets so many tourists from all over the world every year. According to Lonely Planet, its famous street markets, numerous street performers, stunning gardens and luxurious hotels are also worth a visit.

Pula, Istria County. If you're craving for some culture and history, head out to Istria which is located near Croatia. The temperature rises up to 22C in the month of May and it's a great time to experience the place's fascinating ruins, pristine beaches and local fresh food.

Paphos, Cyprus. There's going to be endless sun here at Paphos with temperatures rising to about 24C. You'll want to spend most of your time lying on the sand along the coast of its crystal clear beaches. Also, if you're down for a historical trip, head out to the Kourion City ruins, which is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Malta. One of the most visited beach destinations and the world, Malta still has a lot to offer to tourists. With a warm climate that maintains to about 20C, travelers will not only have a great time experiencing its stunning coastlines but also its historical sites like the Roman Catacombs and the St. John Co-Cathedral.

Bulgaria. According to Mirror, Bulgaria has been a top destination for UK tourists since it's only a 3-hour flight away. But the place is so beautiful that everyone in the world should definitely check it out. Its idyllic beaches, vibrant nightlife and cheap prices are really worth mentioning.

You still have a few weeks to go to prepare for your holiday vacation so why not consider these places on your itinerary. You'll definitely have an unforgettable summer experience if you go to one of these places..

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