Italy is a tourist hotspot and you can't really help but associate it with busy roads, crowded streets, and tourists taking selfies everywhere. However, there's a different side of this place where tourism has never laid foot on where untouched forests, pristine beaches, and uncrowded areas await every traveler.

"The greenest region in Europe," as what some people call it, Abruzzo does live up to its name with virgin national parks and stunning coastal areas. Its neighboring areas are Lazio to the west and Puglia to the south. Travelers can enjoy the stunning mountain peaks of the Apennine with an overlooking view of the Adriatic Sea in showcasing its cobalt-like colors.

Some of its nature reserves are the  Abruzzo National Park, Laga Mountains, and the Gran Sasso Park. According to Italia, travelers will also experience history and culture in the region's ancient villages near the Aterno Valley. Visiting these villages are a picturesque sight since you'll also witness mountains, hills, and natural paths along the way.

If you're want to go back to the medieval times, there are also a few monasteries and historic castles that will satisfy your wanderlust. But aside from the history and culture, there are also winter sports available for travelers to experience. You can either try Roccaraso, Rivisondoli, and Pescasseroli.

According to Independent, however, a lot of people who visit Puglia haven't even visited this enchanting paradise. Travelers have their own preferences when it comes to choosing travel destinations but one major factor that could have possibly removed the spotlight away from Abruzzo are the disasters that happened to it.

An unfortunate event that happened in 2009 shook the region with a 6.9-magnitude earthquake. Most of the ancient buildings were damaged and while it was recovering from the aftermath 8 years ago, another disaster struck in January 2017 where an avalanche killed 29 people at Hotel Rigopiano.

These tragedies affected Abruzzo's tourism so much that people have forgotten about the beautiful places it offers. However, Walter Nanni, an Abruzzo native/director, wanted to bring back his beloved hometown to the spotlight through a film entitled "Uno Spot Per L'Abruzzo."

The film aims to showcase the other side of Abruzzo. Its goal is to encourage travelers to put this long forgotten place back into their itineraries.