Nothing beats a good old pyrotechnics display because it really offers a one of a kind magical experience for its spectators. It's a big thing that's practiced all over the world, most especially in Asia. If you want to experience some of the world's spectacular firework displays, here are five places that you should check out. 

Toyohashi, Japan

Unlike the typical aerial fireworks display, Japan has its own version called the Tezutsu Hanabi. It makes use of traditional hand-held fireworks made from black powder-filled bamboo tubes. Experienced performers create an amazing view by simultaneously firing the fountain-like lights into the air. 

Phaya Thaen Park, Thailand

Thailand's Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival is what Thai culture is all about. According to Carnifest, it's a 2-day annual event which is one of the most awaited celebrations in Thailand. It is believed that the launching of noisy rockets would call upon the rain to come down for a much more bountiful harvest.

Yanshui, Taiwan

If you're going to Taiwan, you might want to put your helmets on if you plant to visit the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival. It's a festival where people gather together in one place, dance, and have fun while the rockets are being launched into the air. The crazy part is that you can get hit by the rockets anytime and according to local tradition, being hit is a sign of good luck. According to CNN, this tradition commemorates that town's survival during the plague of 19th century.

Chios, Greece

The Rouketopolemos Festival is a dangerous annual event. In this spectacle, two churches battle it out by firing at one another's bell tower. The participants shoot at least 50,000 skyrockets that are hazardous to the residents living between the two churches.

Diwali, India

Diwali holds a five-day fireworks overload. This celebration really creates a big bang since it's also the time where India celebrates the Hindu New Year. Aside from that, they also practice a unique tradition where fireworks are being launched from holes under the ground.

If you think your fireworks displays at home are already awesome, think again because these spectacular fireworks displays from around the world are really one of a kind. Whenever you plan your trips next time, you might want to check these places out!