The Holi Festival in India is something you should definitely take part in if you haven't yet. It's one of the most colorful festivals in the world and the activities are a brilliant representation of the Indian culture.

Planning to be part of the Holi festival this year? For first-timers, you probably don't know the best places to go, so to help you start, here are the best places in India to celebrate the Holi Festival this year.

Utter Pradesh, India. If you're up for a few weeks' worth of festivities, then go ahead and celebrate Holi in Utter Pradesh. Celebrations here can last up to 16 days! This is because this place is believed to be where Lord Krishna grew up, that's why activities to commemorate seem to never end. Bring lots of clothes, it's going to get colorfully dirty. 

New Delhi, India. India's capital city wouldn't, of course, miss an extravagant celebration of the Holi festival. Expect not a single minute of quietness in the streets during the festival, and prepare yourself for the barrage of colors that will be thrown your way. Make sure to participate in the Holi Moo festival as well!

Goa, India. If you're not for a whole lot of ruckus and maddening crowds but still want to experience the Holi festival, then it's probably wise to spend it in Goa. Holi here is known as Shigmo, and their way of celebrating includes a lively parade and musical performances all through the night.

West Bengal, India. In the Purulia District of West Bengal, Holi celebrations start even three days before the main celebration day! It's called the Basanta Utsav folk festival, and all of it is a one-of-a-kind experience you'll never forget. Party with the locals and partake in traditional Indian practices. Bring your friends!

Rajathstan, India. Celebrate Holi with the Bhil tribes in Rajathstan and get lost in the true spirit of the Holi festival. The night before the actual celebration, a massive bonfire will light up as prayers for the Holi goddess permeate the air. After, the night will blur in a myriad of activities that will sure become treasured memories.