A lot of hotels claim to be environmentally friendly establishments but the truth is, most of them are just pretentious businesses who are trying to take advantage of eco-minded travelers. It's really hard choosing a hotel that's worthy of your principles on sustainable travel. But these five tips might just help on how to choose a green hotel.

Look For Reviews And Do Your Research

Do your research! Technology makes everything so easy nowadays, and it's not going to cost you anything but only your time and effort. Hotel websites would usually have a few information about the amenities that they have so watch out for words like solar panels, water filters, and recycling programs.

Check For Awards, Recognitions and Certifications

First of all, it's not really necessary for hotels to have these things just to prove that it's an eco-friendly establishment. However, for those that are really dedicated to becoming green hotels, they do their best to get recognition from international organizations. According to Expert Beacon, Green America and Green Key are organizations that rate businesses depending on the number of environmental practices that they implement. 

Be Keen On A Hotel's Menu

According to Lonely Planet, hotels would usually indicate on their menu if they get their ingredients from a local source. This doesn't only ensure the freshness of the food -- it also means that the hotel supports the local farmers and businesses.

Book Hotels That Have Programs For The Local Communities

There are hotels that allow guests to take part in its environmental programs. For example, Harmony Hotel offers guests an opportunity to stop soil erosion on Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica through its tree planting programs. Taj Exotica also has reef rehabilitation programs for Maldives.

Patronize Local Hotels

Local hotels usually practice green methods since they only use what's available. Do patronize these businesses because you're also helping the locals and the community.

Whenever you book your hotels next time, do take note of these things. Practicing sustainable travel wouldn't really have major effects now, but it will have significant changes in the future.