London has some of the world's oldest restaurants. You'll be amazed that these places for dining have been serving customers since the mid-18th century. If you're a certified foodie, you might want to experience classic British cuisine in these places that have stood the test of time. 


George Wilton was the founder of Wiltons and it all started way back in 1742 as a shellfish monger business at the old Haymarket. According to the Wiltons website, it was a small stall at that time but it rose to prominence when the British royal family patronized his goods in 1836. The seafood restaurant is now 275 years old and it claims to be the oldest restaurant in London.


As old as Napoleon Bonaparte's conquests, Rules has been around serving customers since 1798. Famous names like Graham Greene, Charles Dickens, Charlie Chaplin, and King Edward VII were regular diners in this old restaurant. In fact, Rules is challenging Wiltons for the title as London's oldest restaurant.

The Ivy

The Ivy may not be an 18th-century restaurant compared to its counterparts, however, it's one of the most famous restaurants in London. Prominent names have tasted the luscious meals of this world renowned restaurant since it opened as a humble Italian café back in 1917. It boasts of its signature dishes which are the Sheperd's Pie and A Window to The Ivy.


According to CNN, Sweetings started as a small seafood business in 1830, when owner John S. Sweetings sold fish and oyster to the locals of Islington. Now, it's located in the heart of London, making gourmet seafood for its loyal customers for more than 100 years. Have a taste of its mouthwatering chef's fish pie, smoked eel, or potted shrimps.

Simpson's In The Strand

Simpson's In The Strand is the perfect description of a classic English private club, with its high ceilings adorned with large chandeliers. It started as a coffee house and chess club where waiters would serve food alongside the tables to avoid disturbing the players. This British restaurant satisfies its guests with authentic UK cuisine from its ingredients to its preparation.

If you want to experience history while satisfying your belly, why not try London's oldest restaurants. It's going to be a blast from the past being able to taste classic British cuisine.