Costco is known for its gigantic supermarkets and competitively priced retail items, from food to appliances. Costco for travel is not that well-known, however, so here are five reasons why you should check out the company's travel packages. 

According to Business Insider's Kate Taylor, her experience using Costco travel packages were convenient and left her "confident [she] was saving money" even for "flights at inconvenient times," which every traveler knows is quite difficult. She described Costco's travel packages similarly priced against offers by "semi-questionable websites" but being Costco made it even more reliable to use.

Costco Travel's website has a design similar to TripAdvisor or even Kayak, making it easier to find the best deals for any traveler. The website contains helpful information from Fodor by allowing visitors to find their perfect destination by browsing through places. The website also lists their "Featured," "Top Selling,", "Category" and "Specialty" travel packages.

Featured packages are scattered throughout all pages related to one's search query. If one is traveling to Hawaii and planning a long stay, weeklong packages at discounted prices appear just underneath one's itinerary reservation. Executive members are guaranteed travel insurance and even include a 2% cash rebate on all their travels.

The Points Guy's Richard Kerr said that Costco Travel's conventional hotel reservation is at truly similar rates against other travel companies given his research, which means travelers actually spend the same amount with other concessionaires. But he stressed that Costco Travel's value for money with its vacation package or cruises are definitely worth a try. Customer comments in his website highlighted Costco's cruise perks as better than other cruise providers.

Lastly, Taylor said that Costco Travel is yet to hit the mainstream as it is "primarily growing through word of mouth." This indicates the prices remain stable and the helpfulness of its employees -- which Taylor raves about -- are still top-notch. Better to use Costco Travel it likely increases its customer base in the future.