Travelers who had gone through the "Euro Circuit" know that traveling to more than seven European countries is wildly expensive. But Dublin-based blogger Kymann Power reveals how a less than $200 budget makes it possible to budget global travel seven countries in seven days.

Power said it was looking for the cheapest trips and best deals on trips and accommodations that helped him spend an exact amount of €124.56 ($131.65).

In an interview with Dublin Live, a section in Ryanair's website showed him it was possible to take a cheap flight out of Dublin in Ireland to Brussels, which cost about €8-€15 ($8.46 - $15.85). He detailed the entire process of budget global travel to seven countries involves finding the best deals and accommodations and doing enough digging. He said, "There's always something there" where "apps and websites [can] find cheap flights" and possibly accommodations.

Despite his accomplishments, all Power wanted to accomplish was to provide content for his daily blog to help people who said it was expensive to travel and show an alternative to inter-railing as the cheapest travel option in Europe. His blog details his seven-day-seven-countries journey from accessing non mobile-friendly pages in Ryanair flights where he found less than €20 flight tickets from Ireland to Brussels -- and how he used the process again to find cheaper flights different countries in a single week.

He explains in his blog that travelers just need to invest "a few hours" to "create a suitable route that would work" which guarantees huge savings. He said it took him two hours to plan his own route and it might take more or less for others. His itinerary included to Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands in one week. The in-depth guide in his blog has become viral in Dublin social media

While it is possible to explore seven countries in Europe in seven days, average costs for a five-countries-in-seven-days tour, according to Expat Explore, costs about $845. Their tour route goes from London to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and France.