Independent travelers layout their itineraries only need to use their smartphones to access information and applications to find the best deals available for flights and hotel bookings. These five applications guarantee great deals that could save any traveler money for flights.

Hopper is likely a staple for thrifty or meticulous travelers who wish to see a breakdown of all their travel costs. Recently, the app had added an update with a feature named "Fair Bear" that allows people to see the breakdown of their travel costs including baggage fees, flight change fees, seat assignment and more.

Skyscanner is a well-known app for most travelers, which offers flight routes that users could filter for the most cost-effective to the most optimal routes depending on one's itinerary schedule. About five to 10 minutes spent digging around the app, users are likely to find an affordable flight that is likely 40-50% cheaper according to Time Money.

AirfareWatchdog functions just like most hotel booking websites -- enter your destination and your departure and arrival dates and it gives travelers an aggregated list of flights from affiliated travel websites. The app allows users to filter flights from cheapest to most expensive, and from the worst flights (flights that offer no baggage fees or seating privileges) to the best ones (which offer other amenities aside from usual fees.

Kayak is widely used by most travelers because of its simplicity and likely because of its expansive television commercials that appeal to older smartphone users. Similar to AirfareWatchdog, Kayak filters the most affordable to the most exorbitant -- but it can also help travelers find nearby hotels and book them along with flight tickets.

According to Tech Republic, Yapta is the simplest travel app to use. While it does the same manner of aggregating all flight prices and information and filter them according to the user's needs, Yapta allows users to monitor the flight ticket prices and inform them of any price changes. Indeed, flight ticket prices change depending on the time of day.