Reportedly, Rockstar Games has decided to focus on adding more content and expanding "Grand Theft Auto 5." So far, this strategy has worked in getting more time for the development of "GTA 6" and "Red Dead Redemption 2."

Rockstar Games has already confirmed that "Grand Theft Auto 6" will be released soon. This confirmation has sparked interest, theories, and speculations, which were later translated to fans getting more excited about the game's release. In the absence of information about the game's release date from the developer, speculations predicted that it would most likely be available by 2018. Several conservative analysts theorized that "GTA 6" would be on the market on 2019.

To keep players engaged, and to buy more time, Rockstar, in its present offering that is  "GTA 5," released an expansion. Among these is the free Import/Export expansion, which was made available starting December 2016 as well as new stunt races. In addition, the developer is hinting of introducing more of these stunt races by releasing the blazer Aqua, Ruiner 2000, and Rocket Voltic anytime soon, reported Gamespot.

Meanwhile, speculations are rife that the upcoming "GTA 6" will have a new map that will be outside of the U.S. specifically, a London Map. It can be recalled that in the past, Rockstar had "GTA: London," which would possibly be revived alongside the game's release. Aside from the London Map, there are also claims that the upcoming game will introduce new sets of vehicles and a twist on its main character.

Allegedly, "Grand Theft Auto 6" will introduce a female lead character who will be played by Eva Mendes. Furthermore, Ryan Gosling was also speculated to be a part of the upcoming Rockstar game. As to whether all these speculations are true is yet to be confirmed given the lack of official information coming from Rockstar games.