Norway wants to be the king in all things Viking-related, and this time, the country would want to open the largest theme park in the country, so that they can be finally called as the "Viking capital of the world."

Called Thor's Rike (Thor's Kingdom) in western Norway, the theme park is expected to open in two to three years. This will be a major "infotainment" with carousels and roller coasters all in Viking-themed designs. History of Viking warriors will be tackled, and guests can get to eat or barter like Vikings.

The Local Norway reported Terje Devold, project leader for the new amusement park, as saying: "There is much talk of roller coasters and rides, but Viking experiences and a Viking ship will also be built. The aim is to take visitors a thousand years back in time while retaining the theme park aspect."

The developers have shared that the park will be broken into different divisions to cater to building a forest-like attraction, a castle destination, or knowing what it's like in the Norse Underworld. It will be developed in the western regions of Norway because of the rich history of Vikings in the area, especially in Hordaland and Sunnhordland.

Developers said that the notion of a Viking-themed entertainment would sell to local and foreign visitors. Meanwhile, they are looking for funders of the project and hope to be granted at least $23.5 million budget for the construction. At the moment, it's a tricky part on their end to find investors because of the current oil crisis the country is experiencing.

At the moment, for those who wanted to know more about the Viking culture in Norway, there are plenty of museums to cater for that like the Nordvegen History Centre, located near Thor's Rike.