To become an expatriate, one is prepared to have a new environment. In exchange for better work opportunity is a new society, traffic to deal with everyday, officemates and a new company. In addition is a new economy and employment market to deal with. If ever travelers do plan to move and work outside the country, here are the five best countries with guaranteed expat careers.

Europe will always have ensured careers for expats despite dwindling markets and competitive employment. Expats moving into Austria could earn a total of $85,288 yearly with the country striving highly for an amazing balance between employment necessities and quality of life. Expats who move into Austria fear the day they need to leave -- if they have to.

Norway is one amazing country because of their consciousness regarding their environment and -- according to Business Insider's review of HSBC' Expat Survey -- the concentration on improving quality of life and employment. Expats could earn about $98,000 in total every year.

Germany's free education will always be the highlight of being an expat in the country. But aside from amazing beer festivals, earning $90,400 yearly -- as per CNBC's interpretation of HSBC's Expat Survey -- is not a bad amount. German cities are known to have better daily rush hours compared to most European countries.

Singapore is slowly becoming Southeast Asia's career hub as more startup companies flock into Singapore's friendly corporate tax schemes. The country continues to develop as it tries to resolve shortages in living standards and work-life balance. But guaranteed expat careers are lucrative starting with $138,641 a year compensation.

Topping the HSBC Expat Survey is Switzerland. With a whopping $188,275 a year compensation, Switzerland still has amazing work-life balance. Business Insider indicates amazing work culture as one of the driving factors that could urge expats to move as soon as possible.