Sushi is one of the best things Japan has shared with the world. Whatever nationality you may be, you can't deny that those little rolls of vinegared rice with fresh raw fish at the top dipped in the combination of Japanese Wasabi and soy sauce are one of the finest examples of culinary mastery.

But you don't need to go way over in Japan just to experience authentic Japanese sushi. In New York itself, tons of Japanese restaurants seem to sprout in every corner, welcoming their customers to a little slice of Japan, in the heart of the Big Apple.

But among these NYC sushi bars, which ones are worth paying for? Here are some of the best sushi restaurants in New York.

Sushi Azabu, Tribeca. On your first venture to dine at this Michelin-starred sushi restaurant, you might get a bit lost. That is because it is located in the basement of Greenwich Grill in Tribeca, which will make you think twice if it's the right place. But once you enter and see the traditional Japanese décor inside, all doubts will soon leave your mind. 

Brushstroke Sushi, Hudson. This little piece of sushi heaven in New York is the result of the collaboration of world-class chef David Bouley and sushi master Eiji Ichimura. If you're opinion of sushi are of the highest standards, then there's no better place to go. The menu is traditional, but you might get to witness some little experimentation going on every now and then. Have no doubts, though. The food is nothing short of spectacular.

15 East, Union Square. This little sushi hotspot in Union Square especially caters to perfectionists, because every dish is made meticulously. Expect nothing less since this restaurant is headed by Jewel Bako vet Masato Shimizu. The seafood is first-class, flown especially from Japan every few days in a week to ensure freshness. All in all, a glamorous sushi place fit even for those with the pickiest palates.

Kura, East Village. You might not have heard of Chef Norihiro Ishizuka, but once you try dining at Kura, his name will not leave your mind. There is no menu in sight in this casual sushi bar in East Village, you just have to trust the chef that what you will get exactly what you pay for, if not more. All the time though, Mr. Ishizuka delivers the promise. Aside from its omakase, the kappo dishes are also worth trying out! 

Masa, Upper West Side. Sushi is great, but would you pay around half a thousand dollars for a single meal? Masa is a place that screams of elegance and sophistication the moment you enter, and the quality of the food, especially the sushi, is top-notch. If you have the budget, this is a definite must-try.