The world's most authentic sushi comes from its hometown in Japan indeed but it can be costly to head to Japan for the sake of a sushi dinner. While most Americans complain about small sushi joints not bringing that "authentic" taste to the community, five amazing sushi restaurants and bars that exist in the country.

In Santa Barbara, California is Arigato Sushi -- a name that sounds unassuming because it sounds like an American language lure to have local interested in the restaurant. But "Thank You Sushi" focuses on making diners' sushi attractive as an artwork -- to a point Thrillist describes as something "plated at the Louvre." Thrillist also stands by the taste of the sushi.

When in Seattle, Washington, Maneki is the oldest sushi restaurant around. While most would call it a bar because of its size and inebriation celebrations almost every night, eating sushi standing up with a cold bottle of beer does not sound bad. A huge selection of tasty fish for their authentic-tasting Japanese sushi is complemented further by its wonderful eastern decor.

New York's dozens and dozens of Sushi bars and restaurants may have one skip Ichimura in Brushstroke. According to Thrillist, the chef owns the restaurant and is dedicated to retaining the centuries-old style of sushi preparation. The interiors are bright as they are modern -- and the sushi reflects the feeling of an urban, authentic Japanese taste.

Oregon's own selection of Japanese restaurants is numerous but none comes close to how Mirakutei could do it. Ramen, tsukemen and sushi they make are amazing but the sushi stands out. Strange though, Mirakutei needs customers to order an Omakase a day before they eat, but it makes sense; the ingredients are freshly sourced. A proof of deep dedication to food preparation.

According to The Daily Meal, Japanese Market is not a market but rather a "small counter" serving "life-altering sushi" that one can assume is said in a great way (else why is it in this list.) Aside from their homemade sushi are tempura, omakase, teriyaki and curry.