Dubai is well known for its world's tallest buildings and tallest hotel. It is not a surprise to think that it also holds one of the best restaurant experiences and cuisines in the world as well. The ever growing city of Dubai offers many luxurious restaurants where you can experience the best food and drinks while also enjoying your stay in the city.

Overall Dubai is just a crazy city, seems like they just one to be luxurious in every way. from the cars, to the hotels, to the food, they just offer the best of the best for their nation and to tourists all over the world visiting Dubai. Here are some of the best top notch restaurants in Dubai.

Coya. Coya was recently named as the best restaurant for 2016. Coya is not only known for their local cuisines but also international cuisines that we almost eat anywhere in the world. Their staff also compliments their food and drinks since all are very comforting and accomodation which is a very nice gesture for a customer to receive. The staff not only takes orders but also recommends food and drinks for you which is quite different but it helps a lot especially if your a tourist. Coya is also known to serve the first peruvian dishes in the city and as of now, they are still the best when it comes to peruvian cuisine.

Tomo. Dubai is a very expensive city overall but you can have a luxurious dining experience that comes with an affordable price in Tomo located way up high in the hotel. Tomo is a Japanese restaurant located in Raffles Hotel, not only does it provided good food but also one of the best views of the whole city. The food is serves bento style and prices are very affordable depending on the range limit you have. The whole restaurant looks lavish done in wood archicture, but what its really known for is its outdoor environment in the terrace area which provides one if not one, the best seats for food and sights all in one.

Mint Leaf Dubai. According to CNN Travel, this restaurant is located in Dubai's financial district and looks luxurious floor to ceiling and it faces the same side of the famous hotel, Burj Khalifa. Mint Leaf Dubai offers a evening events where people can come around the bar to have fun and party all night. For food and drinks, they pretty much offer local to international cuisines as what others do, but their specialty is Indian food. Mint leaf is the best places to have business lunch or just to party and stroll the night away.

Namu. Namu offers an array of both Korean and Japanese cuisines, not only that but the restaurant also has one of the best panoramic views of the city as it is located in the 31st floor of W Dubai Hotel. W Dubai hotel is known for its sexy and chill environment with house genres playing all over the places making it one restaurant to truly visit and chill if you have time to. Korean signature dishes from bibimbap which is a fusion of rice, vegtables, meat and sauce are available in Namu as well as Sushi menus.

Solo Bistronomia And Vino Bar. For Italian food fanatics, this is the place for you. As per Timeout Dubai, the food decors and artistry is just something, from pasta dishes to meat dishes, it just wants you to eat more as it does not only taste great but looks pleasing as well. Solo Bistronomia And Vino Bar is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants with is food artistry and authentic Italian food making it one of the must visit restaurants in Dubai. This restaurant was named the best Italian restaurant last year. For more about Dubai and the latest restaurants in the city stay tuned to Travelers Today.