Dubai is one of the places that people around the world really wanted to go. In this country, you will find the world's seven-star hotel, man-made islands and resorts, the Ferrari world, and of course spectacular buildings and tourists attractions. That being said, Dubai is definitely a must-go place for vacation and holiday.

When in Dubai, you can choose to enjoy lots of activities. There are numerous things that you can do and check out these top 5 best things to do in this country.

1. A visit at Burj Khalifa - One of the record-breaking architecture that you can find in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa. The world knew how spectacular the location is. Thus, when in Dubai, make sure to pay a visit to this destination. There are lots of activities that you can catch in Burj Khalifa. All you need to do is to keep updated through Visit Dubai sites.

2. Shop and dine at Dubai Mall - Dubai Mall is definitely one of the cash-jerking locations to go. It is a one-stop shop that will offer you all signature brands of your choice. You can choose to both shop and dine until you drop. This is also one of the places in Dubai where most of the people go. There are lots of restaurants to choose from and of course, certain boutiques for you to go for shopping.

3. Enjoy Dubai's Skydive - This is definitely a trickle into your bucket list. Dubai Skydiving is one of the most sought after adventures that you must try in Dubai. By doing so, you will have the chance to see the beauty of Dubai skyline; the man-made islands like The Palm, and experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure of your life.

4. Take adventure at Dubai's Desert - Another thing that is a must to do in Dubai is to have your first desert adventure. Experience how it feels like riding a camel and experience the desert yourself.

5. See the Dubai Miracle Garden yourself - When in Dubai, never miss the chance to experience the ambiance of the miracle garden. According to the Time, this is one of the most visited locations in Dubai.