Florida's biggest tavern chain is offering $12,000 and free-flowing beer for three booze veterans for four months traveling to different parts of the United States. All they need to do is document their day and night adventures to be posted on the tavern chain's social media networks.

According to Thrillist -- citing World of Beer's Marketing Director Hannah Davis -- the three "Drink It" interns must have " a strong passion for beer" and "the story of their life-changing experience while drinking" with the video log they would send equivalent to a video application for a job. David said applicants do not need to be "beer experts" but they should be able to tell a story and "be memorable."

The three luckiest interns would travel by the summer across different taverns and breweries tweeting, recording, and taking photographs of their adventures and sharing their stories using videos as their journal for four months. All travel food, transportation, accommodations and itineraries are paid for by the World of Beer -- aside from the $12,000 interns would receive after their internship.

The World of Beer selects three "Drink It"interns every year to travel to and from its 70 tavern branches nationwide in an effort to improve marketing during the peak drinking season of summer. Conde Nast Traveler reported that the selection would end by March 26 and once selected, applicants would go through a "second round" with a personal interview in one of the tavern chain's selected branches. Nine "beer-lebrity" judges would serve as the panel selecting the probable candidates for the inebriation joyride.

The saying nothing good ever came out of drinking beer is something World of Beer had debunked for years; aside from having fun, the three interns would earn "professional experience in a field of limitless possibilities" in the form of digital journalism, said Davis.