While most would expect it to be the Germans with their annual "Oktoberfest" and merriments that involve chugging down pints and pints of inebriation, Germany did not take the cake for the most consumption of alcohol.

According to The Daily Mail -- embedding Vouchercloud's infographic of the World Health Organization's 2010 to 2015 international alcohol consumption data by country -- Moldovans consume the most alcohol with an estimated 17.4 liters of alcohol individually. Despite their passion for great-quality beers and alcohol, Germany is nowhere near the top 25 countries of the list.

Belarus comes in second with over 17.1 liters consumed per person. Lithuania, Russia and the Czech Republic -- along with Moldova and Belarus -- make up the top five most alcohol-dependent countries in the world. The United Kingdom falls in the 17th place consuming over 12 liters of alcohol while the United States is found at the 49th position according to the data.

The Telegraph wrote that the world's most alcohol-dependent countries as of November 2016 placed the same countries in its top 10 list of speculatively 2014-2015 international alcohol consumption. Belarus leads against Moldova while Lithuania and Russia maintain their positions. The Czech republic is seen at the 9th position.

Countries that consume the least amount of alcohol are Muslim-majority countries that require a special government license to consume alcohol for foreigners and complete restriction of sale for citizens. Countries including Pakistan and Libya only consume about 100ml of alcohol yearly.

One can extract a certain pride when one's country is in a "most" list but not in the manner of excelling at inebriation. Consuming huge alcohol amounts daily could introduce possible disorders, which include ulcers and stomach cancers. Regular alcohol consumption helps cleanse the body -- making it advisable for all foreigners and locals to drink in moderation and possibly in proper occasions and festivities.