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A Closer Look at Clickability, A New App Dubbed As The 'TripAdvisor For Disability'

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Mar 08, 2017 04:26 AM EST

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You might be familiar with TripAdvisor, the one-stop site for place reviews. Now, hundreds of thousands of hotels and restaurants are listed in the site, so that consumers and guests can pick out the best place to spend time in.

However great TripAdvisor is though, it still lacks something. Reviews are mostly catered to the general public, but only a few establishments and reviews list whether they can provide the needs of disabled visitors.

Social workers Jenna Moffat and Beecher Kelk stepped have created "Clickability", an online directory that lists places if they have adequate support options for disabled consumers. Rather than being a special needs case, Jenna Moffat and Beecher Kelk wants to make customers out of the disabled, so that they too have a voice in the consumer industry.

"We just saw this huge gap there in terms of consumer rights ... In this industry, that's a gap in human rights as well," said Kelk. "We built the original site using our personal savings and we received [$10,000] from Macquarie Group through the School for Social Entrepreneurs that funded our pilot."

"GoGet contributed $450 towards our transport to and from Geelong during the pilot phase [and] we received a joint Social Change Fellowship from Westpac Bicentennial Foundation, which supported our professional development. We [also] have such a huge network of advisors and mentors in the field, everyone from lawyers and accountants to senior management."

Their startup company was created by working with the National Disability Insurance Scheme, a welfare project in Australia created specifically for people with disabilities. Now, their platform is growing every single day, with over 1,000 listings and services that allow customers to subscribe and leave insightful comments.

Jenna Moffat and Beecher Kelk's long-term goal is to cover more places and feature a wider range of businesses, not just in the hospitality industry all around Australia and New Zealand. Consumer rights, they think, are supposed to be universal, and disabled people should have equal rights, too.

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