As people wander the world, most of them, discovered that technology, especially smartphone apps, could maximize their entire travel experience. Traveling solo often requires other people to reach out to locals for socialization. However, recently, things are changing as travelers get to know each other easily. One app, the Herepin, connects them to other solo travelers.

HerePin is the latest social media app which is entirely based on location. In order to use it, you simply have to set your location and area. After that, you are instantly connected with other travelers within your radius. 

Herepin users give each other tips about the place where you're in. Some could be about a secret abode or lesser known destinations in the area, while others share tips on the best bars and restaurants in the area.

For travelers interested to use the Herepin App, first you need to sign up to be able to join a global community of social travelers. Then, you need to set your location to see who is in your area, then, you're on your way to meeting new friends.

With the latest travel app, you can meet people and get local tips in real-time. You can also check out your next destination and get information in real-time about what is currently happening where you are.