Located in Central Europe, Croatia offers offers a lot of unique travel experiences for people of all ages. if you ever plan to visit, here are some of the best activities in store for you here. 

Sleep in a luxury lighthouse. How often can you say that you've slept in a 5-star lighthouse? When you visit Croatia, you can. For 130 years, Villa Lanterna served as a lighthouse for wayward sailors wanting to get home, but now, it has been converted to luxury villas to accommodate guests who want to stay the night. It isn't cheap, but the whole experience is well worth your money.

Set foot in a fairy-tale castle. From afar, you'll think that you've entered the world of Disney princesses and noble lords. Trakoscan Castle is perfectly perched atop a hill in Northern Croatia, looking like a torn page from a fairy-tale book. Now owned by the government, this castle is a great place to explore the history of the country. It has a number of historical displays inside as well as a museum. The man-made lake at the foot of the hill is also a good backdrop for the best travel photo ever.

Listen to the songs of the ocean. Have you ever heard of a musical instrument played by the ocean itself? The Sea Organ, designed by architect Nikola Basic, is an audio installation made with polyethylene pipes and installed beneath the 230-foot-long steps of Zadar's coastline. The waves and the wind create the most beautiful tones, which are heard through discreet cavities in the stairs.

Read love letters by bitter lovers. You might have heard of the Museum of Broken Relationships opening in Los Angeles, but the original is found in Zagreb, Croatia. Basically, this museum displays a collection of former letters and stuff from past relationships. Every object has a backstory, from a discarded scarf to an engagement ring. All the objects on display are donated from all over the world.

Drink wine in an underground cave. In Dubrovnik's international airport, there lies an underground cave that can be accessed near the main airport's office. Dubbed as Skycellar, this cave has a naturally chilled wine cellar where guests can sample wine from the Konavle region. The cave is also filled with stalactites and stalagmites, as well as traces of human activity from the prehistoric times.