Dubrovnik is a one-town tourist industry on its own, with endless things to do all year round. As stunning as the clear blue sea around it, the former centre of the independent Republic of Ragusa invites superlatives and attracts the lion's share of Croatia's visitors. Here are some fun facts and recommended things to do about The Pearl of the Adriatic.

Sip Croatia's finest wines- Timeout.com says that Dubrovnik's first real wine bar, D'Vino was partly set up by Sasha, half-Australian, half-Croatian, in 2008. Ten paces from the Old Town's main street of Stradun, you can choose from more than 100 domestic varieties, some six-dozen available by the glass.

It's a walkable city- Dubrovnik is a very small city. Endless supply of stairs can be a little uninspiring but nothing is ''far away'' in Dubrovnik and the incredibly beautiful scenery is more than inspiring enough to make you want to go places on foot.

Visit a medieval pharmacy- Of all the Old Town treasures, the Franciscan Monastery and its Old Pharmacy Museum are the real gems. In a narrow passageway dividing the monastery from the Church of Our Saviour is the entrance to the famous Old Pharmacy, still in operation after 700 years, and beautiful cloisters leading to a peaceful, petite inner garden courtyard dotted with orange trees.

Game Of Thrones- Dubrovnik is one of the filming locations for the hit series, it has attracted millions of tourists to the city and has boosted tourism beyond belief. Tours of specific filming locations are sold, as well as merchandise. According to www.total-croatia-news.com, there is a possibility of a new Star Wars being filmed here too, Dubrovnik is indeed becoming a hit with film and TV buffs.

Catch a film in the open air- Two open air cinemas, Kino Jadran and Kino Slavica, run a programme of Croatian and international films during the summer, making the most of balmy evening temperatures and a full sky of stars.