Vacation plans take hours to prepare and often, they could break apart during the itinerary itself. As every traveler knows, vacation screw ups can always happen. It can begin from a minor mishap to a major vacation deal-breaker. Travelers who need a grand improvisation to adapt and save the vacation need only to keep in mind these five things.

To avoid vacation screw ups, it pays to have a relaxed mindset -- but also a mindset that needs to accept all possible outcomes. An acceptance that things could go wrong at any moment helps one mentally prepare and think carefully for a solution rather than react and make the situation worse.

As soon as something wrong happens, it would be best to report it immediately. The Telegraph agrees -- it would pay to ask the management to resolve the issue as best they can. Complain, but travelers need not react too negatively so as not to spoil their own vacation with a negative mood.

Based on data from 94% cheats regarding things that can go wrong during vacations, sickness is a big issue should it happen. Prevention costs less time and money for travelers. Taking travel insurance for trips longer than three days is essential -- it guarantees a hospital bed and doctor, and provides free pre-travel vaccination.

Travel itineraries could go wrong due to traffic and other possible delay-causing hassles that could mean skipping a few things to see or do during the trip. Accept that there is always another time to visit the location and enjoy these activities and destinations missed -- and it is best to seek partial compensation for them against your travel agent or operator.

Lastly, it pays to have better temperance when traveling -- especially if rowdy travel crowds are expected during peak seasons. Handling one's temper is important as it would spoil not just one but possibly everyone's vacation.