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Five Observations Flight Attendants Make When Passengers Board The Plane

Travelers Today       By    Jestan Dale Mendame

Updated: Feb 28, 2017 04:23 AM EST

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IAOT - In-Flight Safety Demonstration
Flight attendants make a lot of observations whenever passengers board the plane. It's their job to know whether a passenger is a threat or an asset to the flight.
(Photo: International Academy Of Travel/Youtube)

Flight attendants aren't only observant when it comes to the passengers' needs--they're also aware about passengers as a whole. Listed here are the five observations flight attendants make when passengers board the plane.

Danger. Flight attendants must have the ability to decipher travelers who are either drunk or drugged. It is their responsibility to refuse any potential danger that might jeopardize the flight. Aside from that, they are also concerned with health safety and have the right to remove sick travelers who have the possibility of spreading diseases.

Physically Fit People

Being physically fit is not only good aesthetically but it also has benefits during emergency situations. Some cabin crew take mental notes on people who can be possible resources in case of emergencies. According to News, attendants are on the lookout for passengers who can lift the heavy hatch and open the heavy door at the exit row.  Also, they can help restrain uncontrollable passengers on board the plane.

Anxious Travelers

The cabin crew is also well aware of the stress that comes with traveling. They make special efforts to calm or encourage passengers. One thing that flight attendants do is trying to speak their language by welcoming them in the passengers' native tongue.

Airline Employees

According to Daily Mail, they also take note of passengers who are airline employees. They make an instant team member since they are already equipped with the necessary emergency, medical or mechanical training. They can be of great help when the need arises.


Flight attendants are very vigilant to mischievous passengers who try to smuggle things. One of which is alcoholic drinks because it is a big no to bring your own drinks. Flights allow liquor as long as it comes from their own selection. Other travelers also try to smuggle their pets using their handbags.

Flight attendants are trained to be observant since they are responsible for making the flights safer and hassle-free. Whenever you think a flight attendants are checking you out, put in mind that it's part of their job.

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