People all over the world work every day to make money and provide for their daily needs. However, there are some countries that just work more compared to others. Measuring work varies because there are lots of factors to consider, but here are the five most hardworking countries in the world based on the number of hours worked per year.

According to The Telegraph, an average citizen of Mexico works 43.2 hours every week which totals to 2,246 hours annualy. It's a surprise for many that a country which is known for being happy and relaxed tops list for having the most number of hours worked. 

Costa Rica is another shocker for everyone because this country is famous for being the happiest country in the world. However, according to the Express, this place is also a hardworking one as well, because it ranks 2nd in terms of number of hours worked per year. Just a few hours lesser than Mexico, Costa Ricans work an average of 2,230 hours every year.

Most Asian countries have hardworking people, but South Korea apparently rises above the rest getting the 3rd spot in the world's most hardworking countries. Culture plays a big role when it comes to the country's work ethics. South Koreans love to work and an avearge South Korean works 2,113 hours every year.

Greece tops other European countries and makes it to the 4th spot with its citizens working 2,042 hours ever year. Many people here are self-employed who work as farmers or shopkeepers so this means that they need to work for longer hours.

Chileans work really hard even if they are not getting so much in return. It's their drive for success that makes them hardworking. An average person in Chile works 1,988 hours every year.

There are a lot of factors why these countries work longer hours compared to others. Culture, economy and job opportunities can also influence a country's work hours.