A perfect Caribbean vacation isn't complete without crystal clear beaches, fresh salty air, a picturesque view and most especially, good food. Delicacies can range from the classic Creole to the freshest organic fruits. Thinking about traveling to Sta Lucia? Here's a quick guide to some of the things that you must try. 

Cocoa tea. If you like chocolate drinks, a must try is the cocoa tea. It is similar to hot chocolate but lighter and spicier. It is a blend of local cocoa beans mixed with milk, cinnamon and nutmeg. It is best paired with muffin buns to make a traditional St. Lucian breakfast.

Dishes with bananas. Caribbean dishes make the most use of bananas. One dish is the Green figs which is a national dish and according to Metro, it is made of green bananas and preserved codfish. Another is Flambe bananas, a sweet dessert made of grenadine syrup, sugar, cinnamon, white rum and of course, bananas. Lastly, travelers should also try the Bouyon, a fish stew with ground yams, bananas and coconut.

Stew. Caribbeans love stew, and this place has a lot of dishes to choose from. According to World Travel Guide, Pouile Dudon is the best dish when you want to have that homey feeling when eating. Basically, it's chicken stew flavored with treacles and coconut. Also consider Pepper pots that are traditional stews made of meat, fish, and vegetables.

Cakes. Cakes don't only refer to sweet desserts. There's a variety of cake dishes like Accra which is spiced fried fish cake--excellent as snacks. Also, nothing says "tropical" than their loaded banana cakes, which has baked cakes made up of mashed bananas, pineapple, orange juice and garnished with walnuts.

Fruits. Don't miss the fresh fruits when you're here. Breadfruit is a local fruit that can be found hanging on trees--it's recommended  mash it together with green banana, plantain and sweet potato to create a delighting punch. Another fruit is Soursop, a healthy fruit with a mix of sweet and sour taste.

A guided trip is a good way to make sure your vacation is not only enjoyable but worth the experience. St. Lucia is not a great get-away destination but a wonderful culinary experience as well!